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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not Guilty...

Seriously?  Everytime I find myself very proud of our judicial system, a sucker punch of a verdict comes flying in from the back.  Not guilty.  With over whelming evidence, a long list of witnesses and a truck load of lies, Casey Anthony walks free as early as this Thursday.  I suppose this nation found the only 12 people who think duct tape over a child's mouth wasn't convincing enough?  That all mothers who lose their children have hot body contests and lie to police?  I'm not a lawyer, I'm not a witness, I'm not even a resident of their town yet I found myself drawn to the child whose murder will never be resolved. 

I just add it to my long list of "WTF's" when I die I have to pass over on a memo.  I think judgement day for a lot people will be an interesting experience but for me, like a CNN reporter, I will be doing the interviewing.  I have a lot of questions and certainly more comments.  When Gd and I meet, I will be asking him to get some coffee...this may take a while.

I hear karma can be a real bitch and I hope she's Casey's new roommate.  On second thought, I hear OJ is still single...there's a match made in hell.

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