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Monday, December 26, 2011

Clean machine

Okay so the good news is, my chemo is officially over (waiting out applause...) but the not so great news is I am left with a very exhausted, dehydrated, slow moving, fried body.  Skin is that of a reptile, hair is curly (yes curly -I am rockin' the total Jew fro) and the steroids have added a refreshing water insulated coating over my body that it didn't need...water weight is for sissy's.  So after reading Kriss Car's Crazy, Sexy Cancer Diet I learned a few things.  I am going to juice myself - again - for the entire 21 days of cleansing.  I expect to be a cantankerous, moody bitch so my apologies in advance.  When I did the juicing for five days I LOVED how I felt but the holidays and a crappy lot in timing kept me from going, I am more empowered than ever now, post latke.  Costco is first on my list today for fruits and veggies.  This also calls for dry brushing, meditation and colonics...hold thanks.  I can't meditate, I just wind up thinking about sex or bills and dry brushing makes me feel like my mastiff and a colonic?  Interesting in idea but will thoroughly fall flat in practice (for me - afterall, this is about me, right?)

So I am going for broke - a full juice cleanse for 21 days with some very limited raw foods for munchability.  All raw foods, all organic and I hope to blog about this each day so I can look back over the path.  I have recorded in my mind the hell I am about to experience...headaches, bloating, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, skin breakouts and duly noted except that's what chemo offered.  No surprises here.

My goal is to kick this off tomorrow - yes, before the new year so I can get the early onset of hell out of the way before I head back to life.

So here I go - in prep mode...did I mention NO COFFEE?  But I can have caffeinated green tea until the caffeine headaches subside.  Yay.  I think.

Stay tuned...this cancer fighting thing moves forward into Phase 2.  Only good juju is welcome.

Happy New Year.