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Thursday, September 1, 2011

it's finally here...

Well it's finally here.  Five years ago when we were sitting on the floor with Olivia, barely a few months old, screaming with colic and wondering how it will EVER feel when we are away from her for a few hours and here it is.  Kindergarten.  We brought her in today for open house; new dress, new smile, new meet her teacher.  Saw her name on the wall, in a purple circle, sealing the deal.  It means from here forward, she belongs to someone else for the day.  Mr. Depalma.  I hope he's kind.  I hope he's loving.  I hope he adores her with the same passion we do.  I hope he sees the fire in her eyes and the light in her mind as he opens her world.  I hope when she comes home to us, she is full of ideas and dreams and opinions about her day.  I hope she finds within herself everything she can be.  Along with good manners and picking up her toys, I hope she sees her full potential...I hope she looks in the mirror and sees the wide eyed, freckle faced little girl I see with her hand on her brother's shoulder but her mind on dinner.  I hope she always likes rainbow sprinkles and Hello Kitty and her big sisters.  I hope her tinkerbell lunchbox makes her smile and her new shoes remind her of all the laughing we did at Stride Rite.  I hope she walks along side me to school with a sense of pride about herself and a dance to her step.  I hope she never stops creating her own music and her own way of looking at the world and I hope, more than ever, she never stops believing.  What we view often as sassy and assertive is our beloved Livvy - who never stops doing anything her way.

And as I put her to bed tonight, counting down the moments toward Kindergarten, I hope she knows how much we adore her...not just love her but like her.  Truly like her.  And as much as we adore her, like her and know her, it is with all the love in our hearts that we bid the best of luck to Mr. Depalma...because he's going to need it.  :)