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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reunion Tour...

My cancer team was shifted from civilian back to military which since my chemo ended and my rebuilding is about to begin, I was okay with until my new surgeon asked me to be reevaluated from radiation.  It was ruled out before so why this again?  It seems new information since 2010 (thank you Komen/Avon for the funds by the way) indicated my type of cancer, my grade of tumor, my age, my location of tumors, my shoe size, my hairstyle all point to a strong need for radiation to reduce my risk of local how much I ask?  Well - no way to really tell.  What they can tell me is I run a 22% increased risk of reoccurance without it...well okay, where do I sign?

I came in yesterday to be 'fitted' and despite the absolutely humiliating experience of being strapped to a table with not one, not three but five men and women in uniform poking, prodding and shifting my boob around (Im sure in some circles this could be considered worth the price of admission but not yesterday) and now I am sporting some smokin' tattoos.  Yes, tattoos.  Markers if you will to direct the beams of radiation to pulverize the cancer cells and chest cavity.  Once it begins, I am back on the cancer fighting wagon.  It's my reunion tour.  Me and fight - together again.  5 times a week for 7 weeks (6 for chest and one extra for fun).

I can't really think of anything I will need -'s not chemo which means it's all uphill from there but it's a reminder to me that cancer is still around and not willing to let me sit comfortably for even a little bit in my recovery.  Yes, it's aggressive, yes, it's critical, yes, it's necessary, yes, women do it all the time and yes, I am still fighting and still winning but sometimes I am just done and today is one of those days.

Score remains Dawn 1, Cancer 0 but game went way into overtime.


  1. I'll be one of the groupies at your 'reunion tour' making sure that 'fight' is the opening act! You inspire me.